The Byron Bay Lighthouse Run

One of my favorite events in the Byron Bay event calendar is coming up and that is the Byron Bay Lighthouse run.

You would think that I would get sick of the track since it is a weekly habit for me. Every Thursday my routine consists of meeting my good friends Lisa and Thalia for a lighthouse run, followed by my weekly shop at the Byron Bay Farmers market to stock up on local producers fresh fruit and vegetables for the week (along with brekkie, or a coffee and one of my favorite cinnamon rolls!).

Obviously the lighthouse has a view that one can never tire of, so every run is different. Unless it's pouring with rain I always make the effort to go, and have been rewarded with lots of memorable images over the years including the dolphin and whale sightings I've enjoyed. Often I take our Staffordshire bull terrier, Sammy with me to share the joy!

It is a little bit inspiring to aim for the lighthouse at the top of the never-ending stairs - in some ways just having something to focus on can help you keep on going! Plus a run in natural surrounding always seems to beat pounding the road or pavement. The stair section is the outdoor version of a "stairmaster" so it certainly gives a bit of a work out to the thighs and bum!

The reason why I enjoy this event so much is that unlike many other "fun runs" around, there is a definite track that you follow which somehow makes it a little special. This will be my 5th year participating, and again the event is helping 2 special charitable causes. This year the charities are "Our House" which is an accommodation centre for cancer patients, children and their families who are receiving care at Lismore hospital. An overseas recipient of funds this year is "Langtang Valley Health (Australia), who are planning on building a health clinic to a remote part of Nepal.

The local business community has always been very supportive of the run with sponsorship and prizes. Koonyum Range has been involved in the past donating one night getaway gift vouchers as prizes and I'm sure we will continue to support the fun in the future.

There is a real hotch-potch of runners who participate, from experienced runners to others who choose to walk the "run" - it is such a popular spot for both locals and visitors it's no surprise that there are so many participants. Last year around 800 runners took part and I guess it will just continue to grow. It features a 6.7km walk or a 10 km run. The Byron Bay Lighthouse Run is held on Sunday, 15th September and starts at 7am at Denning Park (which is next to the Iconic Byron Bay Surf Club). If you are an enthusiastic amateur runner then it is a a great excuse to come up to Byron for the weekend and get involved in such a worthwhile community event.

If running or a long walk is not quite your idea of a good time then you can always get involved by volunteering to be part of the event on the day - or as a business owner you may wish to support this event via a donation or prize.

If you get your entries in during the next month there is an Early Bird offer which end on August 15th. Prices are $5 for an individual ($30 if in groups of 5) and entries for under 16 are $20. After August 15th prices go up to $45 and $40 respectively. Online registration closes at 5pm 12th September.

To find out more information or to register online please go to -





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