Yoga Classes

Yoga allows us to heal and strengthen our bodies, bring stillness to our minds, and fill our lives with inspiration, purpose, abundance, and fun! Yoga offers us a chance to come back to our centre, into balance, and tap into our innate wisdom and power of spirit.

Our mission at Koonyum Range Retreat is to provide private yoga instructors who teach uplifting, and intelligent yoga - raising the vibration of life with love. Most of our guests are city-dwellers - modern people with modern needs. You lead busy, demanding lives and need yoga and wellness practices designed to fit that lifestyle.

Our teachers take the most relevant practices from the ancient yogic traditions and blended them with a modern understanding of human physiology and psychology to create a practice that is real, inspiring, and transformational.

Our instuctors focus on yoga asana (postures) - the physical practice of yoga - to get you in touch with your body, move energy, and free up unwanted tension. But it doesn’t end there! Releasing tension from the physical body opens a gateway to access the deeper parts of your mind through pranayama (breath awareness), meditation, and whole-body relaxation. This is where the real yoga begins.

As part of your holiday at Koonyum Range Retreat we’re all about helping you create the highest level of energy, vitality, and freedom possible from your time with us. Private instructors will come to your villa for 60, 90 or 120 minute classes. Please just let us know what times you prefer and we can arrange a time and instructor for you. Either practise in private on your balcony, or feel free to come down to the gazebo level by the pool (mats provided).

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